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Are you a crafty person? Do you like to make greeting cards, paper crafts, jewelry, hair bows, tumblers? Do you have only a few supplies and want to know how to use them to create beautiful masterpieces? Want to know how to use what you have on hand, to create those unique looks everyone else gets? You are in the right place!

My name is Jenny Bradley with Jazzy Bundles. Here at Creating with Jazzy Bundles, we will learn how to use our simple supplies from the neighborhood craft store or your favorite online retailer, and turn them into one of a kind pieces of art.

Ready to make a birthday card? Create your own earrings? Gather your crafting supplies and let’s dive in! Ready, Set, Let’s get Jazzy!

Someone had shared your napkin card video I had watched and I really enjoy your ways of making cards. They are clean and explanations are clear on how to make them. The way you show this technique is great. I always thought this style would be too difficult. Now I see its great even for beginners. I have subscribed and can’t wait to learn more.

~ Shirley Lucas

Meet The Crafters

Jenny is a mother of 3 young adults and an aunt to 2 awesome kiddos who love to craft. From sewing to custom tumblers, hair bows to handmade cards, Jenny has crafted many projects over the last 14 years. When she isn’t working her day job, Jenny can be found in her craft room playing with paper, stamps, tumblers, ribbon, glitter, cutting machines, and more. 

Jay loves woodworking, leathercrafts, technology, and exploring his new 3D printer. 

When they aren’t crafting, Jenny and Jay can be found hanging out with their family playing cards, video games, or watching (sometimes re-watching!) television shows. Currently, they are watching the Stargate and Stargate Atlantis series.

Jenny and her husband are the owners of Jazzy Bundles, a small business offering handmade gifts and decor.

Jenny and Jay Bradley

Founders and Co-Owners

Creating With Jazzy Bundles on YouTube

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